Grantee Responsibilities / Grant Agreement


Grantees consent to comply with the following requirements:

  • The grantee, as a condition of accepting the funds, affirms that the entire proceeds will be used to implement the charitable purposes of the project for which the grant is made. No general or administrative overhead expenses, indirect, or investment management fees may be charged to this award. The grantee further affirms that no funds have been or will be paid to either organization or consultants engaged in fundraising or public relations for services rendered in obtaining the grant.
  • Should the grantee (a) become aware that the purposes for (and/or implementation of) this grant have become impracticable, (b) wish to terminate the charitable project funded, (c) wish to redirect the purpose of the grant, or (d) make a change in lead personnel, the grantee shall immediately notify the Foundation in writing. In such event, the Foundation may, in its sole discretion, among its other rights and remedies, terminate this grant and require the grantee to immediately repay the Foundation any unspent principal.
  • Should the grantee wish to make alterations or additions to the approved budget totaling 10% or more in any budget category, prior approval from the Foundation is required.
  • All funds granted by the Foundation to the Grantee, until used by the Grantee for purposes of this grant, must be placed in a separate segregated account and may not be used for any other purpose or invested in any manner that would jeopardize or impair their availability for the purposes of this Grant or for any return to the Foundation as required by this "Grantee Responsibilities/Grant Agreement."
  • Written progress reports and a financial accounting on the earnings and expenditure of grant funds must be submitted through the online Grantee Portal.
  • The grantee must secure Foundation approval in writing before releasing any public announcements or statements to the media regarding the grant, referencing it in internally produced publications, or making any commitments for permanent recognition of the W. M. Keck Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right to publish the abstract submitted by the grantee. In addition we may include a link to the website of the recipient institution and/or grant project in Foundation publications.
  • If a matching grant is awarded, the grantee is required to secure the matching funds necessary to fully implement the project. Before such an award is made, the Foundation will give the prospective grantee the program's matching grant policies.
  • If a grant for endowment is awarded, the principal must be maintained in perpetuity and earnings will be used solely to support the purpose for which the grant was made.
  • For endowed fellowships, chairs and similar awards, the grantee is asked to provide the Foundation with periodic reports on the selection process, the progress of the search and the names and backgrounds of those receiving the awards. However, the Foundation does not wish to influence the selection in any way.
  • This grant agreement will be deemed to have been entered into in the County of Los Angeles, State of California; and, California law will apply to the interpretation and enforcement of the grant provisions.
  • The Foundation will monitor and assess the impact of prior grants to help determine the Foundation’s future program objectives.

Revised May 2019

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